Will You Switch To A New Game?

Players were asked whether they were looking forward to switching to an upcoming MMORPG, and the following graph shows how players from 5 current MMORPGs answered. The loyalty of UO and EQ players is quite impressive in contrast with players from DAOC, AO and AC.

Because socialization is more important to female players than to male players, as demonstrated in “Men are from Ogguk. Women are from Kelethin”, it would be expected that female players are less likely to want to switch to a new game when compared with male gamers. This is because the existing social networks would be broken if a player switches to a new game.

Players were asked to type in the game they were looking forward to trying out, and Star Wars Galaxies came out as the most frequently listed.

Another interesting finding was that players who are anticipating the 3 main games had different average ages.