General FAQ

What is your motivation for carrying out this research?

Currently, the research presented here is not part of any commercial venture, nor am I receiving funding for this research from any commercial source.

This research is being carried out as an extension of my personal and academic interests. I am motivated by the ease with which I can survey and analyze data in a fascinating area that has a paucity of empirical data. The presentations also help me build upon and apply my tech skills.

How can I contact you?

You can reach me at

How do I cite articles in "The Daedalus Project"?

Each article has its own perma-link, and includes the word "archives" in the URL. So for example,

The perma-link should be used in all citations when referencing specific articles. The general form of the citation should be:

"<Article Name>"
from "The Daedalus Project"
by Nick Yee<perma-link>.php

If you are citing more than two articles, feel free to cite the site as a whole:

"The Daedalus Project" by Nick Yee, available at:

What is the general methodology used?

Links to online surveys are publicized on main portals catering to specific games. Respondents from past surveys are also notified of the available surveys. Most surveys are multiple choice and consist of 30-50 questions, and usually take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Approximately 2000-4000 respondents participate in each survey phase. While self-selected surveys have certain weaknesses, I think that many common critiques of The Daedalus Project are overstated.