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There are a total of 950 stories that you can search through. The Mosaic study drew from this set of stories for anecdotal information.

These stories were solicited using a fairly open-ended question: "Tell me about a memorable experience you've had in the game. This experience might be good or bad, moving or infuriating, or it made you realize something important. It might have to do with someone you met in the game, or a particular interaction with an individual, or an unforgettable experience in a group, or even someone you play the game with in real-life."

Use the search feature to search for a specific word or phrase in all the entries. Try to search for specific, but uncommon, words to avoid getting too many results. For example, words like "romantic", "honor", or "guilt" will return far more interesting results than words like "player", "cleric" or "level". Only up to 30 results will be shown.