Player polls on 3 issues

Many interesting questions and issues arise from MMORPGs and the individuals who inhabit these immersive worlds, and sometimes the attitudes and opinions of players towards these issues are in and of themselves interesting.

The chart below shows the attitudes of players with regards to whether characters can fall in love without the players falling in love as well. While players tended to indicate that it is possible for players to role-play a romantic relationship without actually having romantic feelings for another player, about one-third of players leaned towards the other side.

Question to Readers: Why is it possible or impossible for players to role-play a romantic relationship without actually romantic feelings for other players?

The following pair of charts reveals an interesting pattern. While almost all MMORPG players agree that an individual can become addicted to an MMORPG, they are in complete disagreement as to whether this addiction is something we should be concerned about. The agreement of the first chart is in complete contrast with the disagreement in the second chart.

In other words, when we discuss MMORPG addiction, the question isnít whether it exists, but whether it is more or less serious than other addictions and how much attention we should pay to MMORPG addiction in relation to other addictions we already know about.

Question to Readers: How serious is MMORPG addiction? Or rather, how serious could it become as MMORPGs become more prevalent? Should it be considered a real medical/psychological condition?