The Sixth Issue

Ah - the sixth issue and only another 19 days to day to go before grad school starts. Shortly after the last issue was released, I went to pick up a copy of Star Wars Galaxies to try out. That contributed to why this issue came out later than usual :)

In any case, I'm a Wookie pharmaceutical manufacturer with enough combat skills to display the "Battlemaster" tag from the Swordsman line. There are still some bugs in the game, but overall I think they did a lot of innovative things. I really like the flexible skill system, and I like the viability of the non-combat professions. Grinding crafting is still a lot of grinding, but crafting is much more complex and involved (in a good way I think).

One thing that is impressive to see working to some extent is the closed player economy. NPC merchants neither sell nor buy any weapons, armor or base resources. It's all player supplied. I feel my server is going through chaotic inflation right now, but the economy is working better than any other game I've tried, and I think there will be high-level money sinks soon.

(And for all the cynical readers out there - No, Sony did not pay me to say this)

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