Occupational Status, Marital Status, and Children

Overall, 50% of MMORPG players are working, 22% are full-time students, 12% are working and/or going to school part-time, 10% are unemployed, 3% are home-makers, while 1% are retired. The gender differences are presented below.

While about 36% of MMORPG players are married, there are significant gender differences.


Even though part of the gender difference in marital status can be attributed to older female players in general (http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/archives/000194.php), it is also the case the female players (and women in the US in general) get married at an earlier age than men do.

Because the younger female age cohorts had the smallest sample sizes, it could be that the higher number of married females under 29 is skewed high; however, the chances of all 3 female age cohorts under 29 skewed high due to chance alone is fairly low. Female players are more likely to have started playing MMORPGs because of their spouses and thus this may be causing the number of younger married female players to be disproportionately higher.

About 20% of male players have children, while about 28% of female players have children.