Revised Player Motivation Factors

This is a brief statistical overview of the revised player motivation factors. It is being included for completeness and for reference, and is not meant to be completely accessible to a lay audience.

The following data builds on findings from the Facets presentation. The main problem was the awkwardness of the Leadership factor which seemed too unsubstantial and imprecise.

A new factor referred to as Group Affiliation was tested as a potential replacement for the Leadership factor. The 5 statements used were:

- I like to be part of a group or team effort.
- I enjoy being part of a guild.
- I tend to be very loyal to the guilds I am in.
- I have a great respect for group and guild leaders.
- I prefer team victories over individual achievements in the game.

The results were very good. Group Affiliation was independent of the other factors. The Factor Analysis results are shown here:

The clustering diagram is shown here:


The age and gender plots (with error bars) for each factor is shown below: