Occupational Preferences

Respondents were asked to rank the appeal of 4 non-combat oriented professions. The 4 chosen professions are likely to be instantiated in many upcoming games, so it’s interesting to see how different people are drawn to them.

• A farmer or shepherd that grows crops and breeds livestock on a large plot of land. Provides base resources for crafters.
• A geologist or miner that explores different areas to locate and mine precious ores and gems for crafters and gems for spells.
• A fashion designer or stylist that provides other players with fashionable clothing, hair styles and personal flair.
• An elected governor of a town or city managing taxes and resources, and the approval and construction of new structures.

All differences shown below are significant at p<.001. The appeal column is the average rating on an 8-point scale across all respondents. This gives a rough indicator of appeal relative to each profession.