Player Fatigue

Player fatigue is the flip-side of attachment to the game. The following survey questions were used to explore player fatigue:

1) Are you bored with the game?
2) How likely are you to quit the game in the next month?

For both, the response choices were 5 fully-labeled points on a unipolar scale. The correlation between the two responses was .69 (p < .001). The two were summed to create a player fatigue index for each respondent. Male players (M = 4.20, SD = 2.01) scored significantly higher on this index than female players (M = 3.60, SD = 1.85), t(2348) = 5.18, p < . 001. Younger players scored higher than older players (r = -.14, p < .001). In other words, younger and male players have faster life-cycles than older and female players.

Because female players tend to be older than male players, an ANCOVA was performed, controlling for age, to make sure that the age difference wasn't driving the gender difference. The ANCOVA showed that gender was significant independent of age, F(1,2330) = 14.2, p < .001.