In Search of Fan Videos

One of the easiest ways to explain the complexity of what occurs in MMORPGs is through fan videos (especially to non-gamers). They offer compact, visually engaging distillations of what would take many words to explain. To that end, I am trying to compile a set of high quality fan videos (in terms of content and video resolution) that document the many interesting social phenomena that emerge in MMORPG environments.

Please email me links to videos with the subject "MMORPG Fan Videos". Submitted links can be in the following categories or any particularly meaningful videos you have come across. I will then include them on this page for other readers and for reference.

Submitted video links may be raw footage or edited footage, but in either case should have decent resolution. Submitted links should be to videos with both good content and visual appeal. The goal is not to create an exhaustive list, but to have a selection of great fan videos.

1) Memorials / Tributes. Footage of memorials or tributes to real life events or real people.

- Teletha's Memorial (DAoC)
- Remember (DAoC)

2) Combat/ Raid / RvR. Footage that showcases the complexity of the organizational and leadership skills needed in a large group combat or large scale raid.

- Drakulv Executioners (DAoC)

3) Funny Moments. Footage of hilarious moments or occurrences in the world.

4) Scripted Play / Music Video. Edited footage that uses the MMORPG as a stage for a music parody or scripted play.

- Ice Ice Baby (SWG)
- Go Beyond (E&B) - use DivX player to open
- Justice (CoH)
- Come As You Are (DAoC)
- Drunken Scottsman(DAoC)
- Has Anyone Seen My Corpse (EQ)

5) The Complexity of Play. Footage of how game play involves a lot of work. Crafting professions (such as in SWG) would be great examples.

- Building a Pyramid (A Tale in the Desert)