Welcome to The Daedalus Project

Our department does an unusually cruel thing with qualifying exams. It's a 7-day take-home exam that happens over spring break. So as you can imagine, my spring break wasn't that fun. But I passed and I'm glad it's over.

I'm getting more stuff in press so it's exciting and I'm glad you're still along for the ride. As always, I really do appreciate those of you who participate in these surveys as well as those who help spread word of this project. Feel free to drop me a note here or email at contact@nickyee.com

How You Can Help:

- Post a message on your community forum or message board about the findings.
- Create a link to "The Daedalus Project": http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/
- Add a link to The Daedalus Project in your forum signature.

As usual, your comments and feedback are most welcome. Any questions should be directed to contact@nickyee.com