Slideshow #2

What follows are screenshots submitted by readers of The Daedalus Project. I had asked players to submit screenshots that showed interesting things they had encountered or just simply showed what it is they enjoy about MMOs. Here are some of the most interesting images I received. Below each image, I have included the description that was given by the person who submitted it. You can submit images of your own on the last page of this article.

In real life there is an event in June where gay men and women go to Disney World in Orlando Florida all dressed in red for one day. The idea behind "Gay Day" is to show that gay men and women make up every walk of life and to show that there are more than just a few here or there. Back in 2004 I was playing City of Heroes and thought it would be really cool if there was a gay day in Paragon City. A day when the gay and lesbian heroes put on a red outfit and met to show they weren't just a few here or there. So I created Gay Day in Paragon City. The following picture is a group shot of the heroes that participated in the event. More can be seen at

Rene Rivers


This is a holiday gathering in Guild Wars. The city of Lion's Arch is decorated, and we are awaiting the appearance of Dwayna (goddess of life and air) who will spread goodies (i.e. holiday themed gifts) as we enter the New Year.

Dawn Stormborn


Sony Online's announcement of the "New Game Environment" for Star Wars: Galaxies left Creature Handlers feeling devastated. Many of us conducted private farewell ceremonies for our virtual pets. This is a shot from my own event. I'd given up my Creature Handler profession months before this scene was captured in order to pursue my Jedi profession, and so I had to recruit a Master Creature Handler to help me summon my pets one last time. She is seen standing next to my spider in this scene. Appropriately, this Creature Handler was a member of BEAST/Bria, a multi-server guild dedicated to the Creature Handler profession. One by one, I traded my animal companions to her. She would then summon them and give them a command that allowed me to command the pet as though it were still my own. I would then ask the pet to do it's tricks one last time for me, and then I would order them to attack a NPC at a random camp that had spawned nearby, just over the brow of a hill. As the pet scuttled over the hilltop and out of sight, I asked the Creature Handler to delete the pet-control device, causing the pet to disappear forever from the game. The effect was a satisfying simulation of setting the pet free and watching it run off. Later, I described the scene on the SWG Forum. Dozens of former Creature Handlers let it be known that my message brought tears to their eyes, as we shared our grief at the loss of one of the funnest, most enjoyable professions in this game.

Iakimo, SWG/Bria Server

This is my last original pet from my Creature Handler career. She was one of the first pets I tamed; later I mount-trained her myself. Shortly before the NGE went live, I had a Creature Handler I met on Lok rename her, "Hope," as a symbol of the hope that one day the Creature Handler profession would be reintroduced to Star Wars: Galaxies.

Iakimo, SWG/Bria Server


During the guild meeting or the Forsaken Crusaders, a few of them took a potion that turned them into pirates. They proceeded to dance in boy-band style.



One of my favorite screenshots from the World of Warcraft Beta, this shows how...different things were back then. This photo shows a Dwarven Mage and a Night Elf Rogue astride Velocraptor mounts. Dwarven Mages were removed at the end of the Beta test to balance out the class distribution between the Horde and Alliance sides. The Velociraptor mount is the racial mount for the Trolls, and should not have been accessible to Alliance characters. During Beta, Priests could mind control vendors that were part of the opposing faction. Under their control, Alliance players could purchase from the vendors. Always intersting to see what emergent stuff shows up in a Beta test.

Michael Zenke


This is right after my guild first downed Ragnaros, the boss mob in Molten Core. It took months of wipes and hundreds of gold in equimpent repair costs, but we finaly managed to bring him down. If only you could hear the screams over ventrillo.



ingame wedding.

Bury (Argent Dawn)


I'm always a sucker for the holiday/special events that WoW puts on. This picture shows my sister's gnome and my gnome after we had completed a quest for "Valentines" day. We are both wearing outfits obtained by completing the quest. We had also "shot" each other with arrows thus blessing each other with "Cupid"-goblins and used a "bouquet of roses" on each other, which are sprinkling from the sky.



I'm looking to gather some more visual data points of all the interesting social phenomema happening in MMOs. If you have any screenshots that fall into the following categories, please consider submitting them. Any images you submit will be credited to you if they are ever displayed on The Daedalus Project.

In particular, I am looking for the following kinds of images:

- Player Gatherings: protests, demonstrations, vigils, etc.
- Guild / Avatar Portraits: images of your guild (posed or not), or well-composed screenshots of your avatar
- Raid / PvP Combat: well-composed screenshots that show the chaos and intensity of raids or PvP combat.
- Strange Bugs: like the recent WoW Plague
- Others: any other screenshots that you think are interesting but don't fall into a category above.

Please send your screenshot as a JPG file. Screenshots that are well-composed and where the interface elements are hidden are much appreciated. Please note that there is a file size limit of 800k per image.

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