Slideshow #3

What follows are screenshots submitted by readers of The Daedalus Project. I had asked players to submit screenshots that showed interesting things they had encountered or just simply showed what it is they enjoy about MMOs. Here are some of the most interesting images I received. Below each image, I have included the description that was given by the person who submitted it. You can submit images of your own on the last page of this article.

SWG - "Morpheus Que" - There was a room in one of our guild member's house that just emptied into this null space. Unfortunately I don't think it gave him the unlimited storage one would've hoped for.



This is a screenshot in FFXI that I took on the day that a new quest was implemented that could allow you to summon an NPC to fight with you. All of these people are waiting in line to fight a monster that is part of the quest. Even though it was possible to bypass the line and complete the quest before everyone else, people acted civally and waited their turn. There were over 200 people waiting in line.



I discovered a vast unfinished area of "World of Warcraft" simply by swimming and riding to the top of the Eastern Kingdoms. The area was partially textured and not properly terraformed, resulting in strange seams and jagged, 90-degree cliffs. More info can be found here.

Tony Walsh


My troll hunter Inuzuka tries on some Paladin gear. The advent of the wardrobe feature in WoW let players see races in armour that was never meant for them. Interesting that Blizzard still made the items to fit.



We have a variety of events in-game and in forums, but this is one of the most quintessential. The "Creativity Benefit Auction" was a way to encourage artistry between characters. Creative services were put on the auction block, and the highest bidder won. The artist got the gold, and the bidder got the original drawing, portrait, poem, psychotherapy counseling, or whatever. For more such events, visit here ...and feel free to get involved!



This is a gathering we did for a well established guild member's birthday. As she had this obsession with pink, we organised a conga line of players all dressed in that colour. We managed to get a suprising amount of guild members online for this and I think it was at least 50 resulting in a huge line! As we progressed, we switched zones to the newbie starting area and proceeded to parade about Atlas Park, even going to the statue in the middle and forming a full moving circle around it. As time went on, more and more random players from other guilds we didn't even know joined in and soon the line grew to huge proportions! It was good fun, and finished with one poor soul choosing to start a costume contest in a very small space and getting an entire guild dressed in pink cramming in to the City Hall where it was being held.

Arson Wulf


My girlfriend and I sharing a "cute moment" with our characters.

My RL girlfriend and I, got into the habit of lying down together on an in-game bed before logging out for the night.



I'm looking to gather some more visual data points of all the interesting social phenomema happening in MMOs. If you have any screenshots that fall into the following categories, please consider submitting them. Any images you submit will be credited to you if they are ever displayed on The Daedalus Project.

In particular, I am looking for the following kinds of images:

- Emergent Behavior: Interesting social behavior that emerged in game, whether this is a vigil, a funeral, a wedding, or someone crashing your party.
- Strange Bugs: Like the recent WoW Plague.
- Funny Moments: Humorous moments in your MMO adventures.
- Others: any other screenshots that you think are interesting but don't fall into a category above.

Please send your screenshot as a JPG file. Screenshots that are well-composed and where the interface elements are hidden are much appreciated. Please note that there is a file size limit of 800k per image.

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