PARC Forum Talk

I gave a talk at PARC's Forum in late July on MMOs. It was a 45 minute presentation with about 15 minutes of Q&A. I touched upon several issues during the talk, ranging from the blurring of work and play, how RL race can matter in fantasy worlds of elves and ogres, and whether there is such a thing as "online gaming addiction". The audience was a mixed group of IT researchers and lay people, containing both MMO veterans and newbies. So the talk starts very basic, but dives into the interesting concepts pretty quickly as well.

The PARC AV folks did a great job in capturing the presentation. The only thing I wish they had been able to do was pick up more of the audience reactions along the way. They have both a streaming video and an MP3 file of the presentation on their website. In case you've ever wished that you could have Nick Yee on your iPod, your wish has just been granted.