Slideshow #6

I am deeply sorry for the 'mess' on this screenshot of Ragnarok Online, but it truly captures the chaos of the wedding. During a short period of time over the Holidays, there is a half-off wedding service officiated by Santa Claus himself. There is a catch however; the weddings are as short as a Las Vegas nuptual (with long lines to boot) and Santa summons a gaggle of monsters at the end of the ceremony for your guests to kill or be killed by. There was even a 1/16 chance of Santa summoning a boss monster, but thankfuly that did not happen at our ceremony.

-- Sara S.


Haloween 2003 in SWG. Location somewhere far from a NPC city on Corellia. This was one of over 20 Haloween parties that were held by the players on 1 server alone in SWG in 2003. This is what happends when you have a community in a game that was not all about kill, loot, repeat.

-- Wolfmann31


One of the saddest moments of my WoW experience. One of our guild members passed away unexpectedly after a year-long struggle with a real-life infection. She loved playing WoW, and was a joy to quest/raid with. We all knew her well, and a few of us knew her outside of the game too (which is how we learned of her death). Since she loved the game so much, we organized this in-game funeral/memorial for her. We each took turns saying a few words about her... recounting our good times together. After this ceremony, for about a week, we continued to have short "moments of silence" for her before raids would begin.

-- Shayel


In this one free MMORPG called Fly for Fun [or flyff for short] I used to be picky about making my guild members sit in a circle for guild meetings. No matter how far from a main town we would go, and no matter how obscure the place was [this was on one of the desolate islands in the sky] someone would come by and go, "OMG a circle! i wanna join!" or "guild event? I join guild plz." My favorite was someone claiming that we invaded his island and now had to pay a fee.

-- Cerise


This was taken during the AOL Cup event on Phantasy Star Online. Not wishing to waste advertisement opportunities for the event sponsor, Sega decided to throw in a room full of Delsabers spouting off AOL slogans and copyrights. I have not seen anything funnier on PSO since.

-- Sara S.


I'm looking to gather some more visual data points of all the interesting social phenomema happening in MMOs. If you have any screenshots that fall into the following categories, please consider submitting them. Any images you submit will be credited to you if they are ever displayed on The Daedalus Project.

In particular, I am looking for the following kinds of images:

- Emergent Behavior: Interesting social behavior that emerged in game, whether this is a vigil, a funeral, a wedding, or someone crashing your party.
- Strange Bugs: Like the recent WoW Plague.
- Funny Moments: Humorous moments in your MMO adventures.
- Others: any other screenshots that you think are interesting but don't fall into a category above.

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