Slideshow #8

This is the final group screenshot for our guild Flying Clams Forever on the Sakray server of Ragnarok Online. When our faithful leader decided to quit the game after three years of leadership, the guild gathered together for a final farewell and to spell out the letters "FCF" on the pavement of our homeland of Juno.

-- Aiko


I think emotes make things even more interesting to add depth to a game. In my screenshot here my boyfriend that I met online (later IRL) found creative ways to use the emotes to our advantage for cute pictures. All it requires is some random emotes, and a quick finger on that print screen button.

-- Jasmine


Lineage 2. Funny situation, a friend has fallen asleep behind computer, and when we were finishing party, we had to kill him in order to prevent him beeing killed by mobs which would cause him to drop items. Leena went red on him, which forced her to work off karma later. Old screenshot from Chronicle 4 times, when you actually dropped items on death.

-- Falconek


Ambushing enemy. Guys down the hill are a bait. Pvp in Lineage 2 requires using terrain to your advantage.

-- Falconek


Our guild about to attempt the final boss in tempest keep. It takes alot of coordination among friends and we have spent alot of time together learning the fight and mastering it, but once you get it down right it makes it worth all the while.

-- Baleemic


I'm looking to gather some more visual data points of all the interesting social phenomema happening in MMOs. If you have any screenshots that fall into the following categories, please consider submitting them. Any images you submit will be credited to you if they are ever displayed on The Daedalus Project.

In particular, I am looking for the following kinds of images:

- Emergent Behavior: Interesting social behavior that emerged in game, whether this is a vigil, a funeral, a wedding, or someone crashing your party.
- Strange Bugs: Like the WoW Plague.
- Funny Moments: Humorous moments in your guild or adventures.
- Others: any other screenshots that you think are interesting but don't fall into a category above.

Please send your screenshot as a JPG file. Screenshots that are well-composed and where the interface elements are hidden are much appreciated. Please note that there is a file size limit of 800k per image.

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