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Index: 3
Age: 22
Gender: female

Game: World of Warcraft

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On Immersion:
I played Final Fantasy 11 for a while before switching to World of Warcraft. I'd gotten sick of how unimmersive the world felt like I was a bunch of pixels running around with a bunch of other pixels who were all trying to do the same thing I was doing, get the exact same spells I was getting, and the only difference in our characters would be how they looked. I HATED that every black mage ended up with certain spells. Same with every other class. There was NO dynamic for introducing strategy. So basically, partying was just running around killing things the same way every single time. There was also no roleplaying in FFXI, which really irritated me because...isn't Final Fantasy a supposed to be a roleplaying game? None of the macros that made your character do actions looked cool, and most of them didn't do anything at all. But I guess they don't need to when you're not really roleplaying anyway. That's why I think I love WoW so much now. I'm on a roleplaying server (which is the coolest idea in the universe!), and guilds and everyone roleplays quite a bit. I love that. People make fun of my dwarf dancing, but at least they aren't like 'STFU DOOOD!'

On Exploration:
Recently in WoW I've gotten to my mid teen levels, and I've been wandering out just as far as I can go. I think it's really awesome that the game isn't a leveling grind until level 30 or something. Low level characters don't feel confined to 2 maps where something is just waiting to slaughter you for being stupid enough to go exploring by yourself at level 12. Maybe it's the transportation systems...I dunno. But WoW is the ONLY game I've ever played where I don't feel like I'm being punished for being a low level. And leveling is really fast too, or it can be.

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