Phase 24 Stories


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Gender: Male    Female


The game I play the most of currently is:

World of Warcraft
EverQuest 2
Guild Wars
Eve Online
Dark Age of Camelot
City of Heroes
Ultima Online
Anarchy Online
Asheron's Call
Final Fantasy XI
Star Wars Galaxies
Other (please specify: )

I spend about hours each week playing the game.

Instead of trying to answer as many questions as possible, browse through the questions and only answer the ones that you are most interested in answering.

The following questions are meant to be fairly open-ended, so if you want to discuss or add something tangential to a question, feel free to do so. Also, when multiple questions are asked at the same, do not feel the need to answer all of the questions. Simply answer the ones that are most relevant to you.

Your entries may be quoted anonymously with your gender and age indicated in a report/presentation online, a searchable database, or in print. By submitting one or more entries below, you are giving me permission to reproduce your story in the formats mentioned.

1) Tell me a little about how the relationship developed in the game. How did your characters meet? When did you know you had romantic feelings for the other person? How did the two of you let each other know about those feelings? What was that moment like?

2) When and how did you two decide to meet in real life? What were the steps that led up to that? Tell me about that first meeting in real life and what that felt like and how that meeting unfolded.

3) Many people feel that online relationships are necessarily superficial and dangerous. Do you think the online game environment made it easier or harder for you to get to know the other person? Were there any surprises when you met them in real life for the first time?

4) How did that relationship compare with other relationships you've had offline? Do you think you would have had a relationship with this person had you met them in real life? Are the two of you still together?



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