Guild Name Generator

This guild name generator was created by Nick Yee as part of the PARC PlayOn Project. Guild names below are generated from a grammar that captures the syntax of most guild names and with a weighted vocabulary drawn from about 22,000 guild names from 5 World of Warcraft servers.

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The Proteus Paradox: How Online Games and Virtual Worlds Change Us--And How They Don't

We often think of online games as being about fantasy, freedom, and fun, but many gamers describe their gaming as a second job, superstitions flourish, and a player’s suspected offline ethnicity can be a matter of virtual life and death. Moreover, virtual worlds contain a host of unique psychological tools for controlling how we think and behave. Drawing from player narratives, psychology lab experiments, and analysis of game server data, this is a book about gnomes falling in love, superstitious pigeons, how a community changes when computer city guards give out directions, and ultimately, what it means to be human in a digital world.

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The Knights of Hellborn Battlemasters
Rivers of Hells Excess
Soldiers of Sil Wolves
BurnïNg Empire
The Revenge
The Marauding Silence
Take Heathens
The Riders of Anduins Azeroth
The Grove
Crusaders of the Divine Empire
Outer Guard
The Masks of Sangre Club
Laughing Front
Shuzu Mass
Prophecy of the Tenakill Underground
Tea Ones
The Ultima
Samurai Darkness
Leviathan Avalon
Laws of Verata Brilliance
The Necropolis
Gods of the Evil Pinoy
The Ragnorok
Fun of the Silver Crusaders
Knights of Vontrap Family Darkness
The Natures Chaos
The Hammer of Money Brigade
The Line of Eleventh Alune
Midnight Brides
Wings of Stormwinds Dark Knights
Auctioneers Confusion
Illusions of Tribe Crimson Retribution
Blood of Pwnage Gone Horde
The Vendetta Warriors
Shadows of Tauren Skinning Bandits
Forgotten Death
The Ocx
Hell Protecters
Guardians of Spanish Edition
Wolves of Dark Ice Club
Allegiance of Candy Heart Survivants
Koopa Doom
The Zzyzx
The Soldiers of Omega Initiative
The Baldurwok
Umbral Blade
Maelstrom Diggers
Sweepyish Mafia
The Souls of Forestt'S Master
Masters of Slunt Unit
Advocates of the Lucky Lore
The Seraphic Praetorian
New Copia
Last Legion
Gonadz Ancients
Keep of Two Bit Mithrim
The Conflict of Sacred Creed
Masters of Need More Hire
Children of Horde Elite Knîghts
Argent Armani
Strength of Blackrock Knights
Guard of Wasted Racers
Trial of True Aussie Ferrell
Servants of the Silver Squad
The Golden Templar
Apathetic Troopers
The Libertatum
Legion of the Fallen Butterfly
Angels of Devils Meanest Rohirrim
The Requiem
The Twilight Brotherhood
Bunny Troops
Wings of Thrill Kill Circle
Ordo Wild
Knights of Team Playground
The Chaos
Court of Dark Bling
The Dimension of Liquid Vanguard
Order of the Unseen Darkness
Twilight God
Lost Powers
Raging Corruption
Hair of Tasty Bombers
The Ravenous Valor
White Bait
Chaotic Bed
Avenging Warcraft
The Twilight Nesreten
Obsidian House
The True Rejects
Hand of Street Souljahs
Council of Five Deadly Empire
Primal Kitchen
Dawn of Devilsaurs May Reign
Nopes Silence
Twilight Shrouded
Blackshard Skull
Storms of Azeroths Forlorn Swords
Gankers Drifters
The Divinus Metal
Liberators of Soul Control Brigade
Wayward Walken
The Noobs
Legion of Hogger Lazerath
Twilight Creed
Obsidian Brotherhood
Blood Elites
Invictus Fellowship
Vile Regicide
The Shadow of Dungeon Remorse
The Dominant
The Spice Blades
Living Rose
Hymn of Top Seadogs
Thralls Legacy
The Rage of Crimson Police
Champions of Horde Tor
Flames of Excido Shrouded
Dimension of the Strike Tree
Defenders of Limited Liability Brigade
Silent Nachezbaernon
Twilight Ferrell
Raging Brother
The Tamarack Guard
Disciples of Comptons Most Blade
Warriors of the Second Orc
Knightz of Omg Fried Storm
Hidden Crusaders
Guardians of Blue Moon Irl
The Stars of Bubble Union
Hordes Guard
The Glory
The Immortal
Apocalyptic Guilde
Burning Darknez
Militia of the Thunderbluffs Rouge
The Doomsday Interest