Guild Name Generator

This guild name generator was created by Nick Yee as part of the PARC PlayOn Project. Guild names below are generated from a grammar that captures the syntax of most guild names and with a weighted vocabulary drawn from about 22,000 guild names from 5 World of Warcraft servers.

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The Proteus Paradox: How Online Games and Virtual Worlds Change Us--And How They Don't

We often think of online games as being about fantasy, freedom, and fun, but many gamers describe their gaming as a second job, superstitions flourish, and a player’s suspected offline ethnicity can be a matter of virtual life and death. Moreover, virtual worlds contain a host of unique psychological tools for controlling how we think and behave. Drawing from player narratives, psychology lab experiments, and analysis of game server data, this is a book about gnomes falling in love, superstitious pigeons, how a community changes when computer city guards give out directions, and ultimately, what it means to be human in a digital world.

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Banks of Pretty Pink Grotto
Novus Doom
The Carousing Inc
Ninja Multipass
Chaos High
Way of Clan Hell
Champions of Dark Spire Samurai
Eternal Legion
Azeroths Dome
The New Mafia
Muffin Consortium
Baller Wild
Maelstrom of Rebel Raiders
Buttered Mentis
Monarchs of Majik Carpet Raiders
The Kos
Harbingers of the Undead Assassins
Orly Clan
Dark Sentinel
Insignificant Nonsense
Knights Horde
The Chaotic Lordaero
Darnassus Boys
Horde Mulgore
Troll Kaishaku
The Nullset
Chosen of Just Oblivion
Elite Draft
Kindred of NèRf Mafia
The Empire of Mithril Shabranigdo
Wildaxe Advisory
The Ruswow
The Ordo Brotherhoo
Aussie Bleeding
Broken Sou
The Holy Tuff
The Moral Clan
Team Claw
The Knights of Thralls Underground
Soul of the Savage Sin
Legions of Fuzzy Pink Academy
Knights Azeroth
The Light
Soul Twinks
Rising Defenders
Gens Stormwind
Sisters of Cats Eye Breed
Frozen Conquistadores
Squires of Big Ugly Revenge
Twinks Project
The Knights of Rebel Sekhmet
The Alliance Dath
The Penalty
The Holy Light
Tokies Army
The Under Jolly Knights
Pumpkin Touchers
The Shattered Valhalla
Eternal Doom
Heroes of the Intense Lost
Crusaders of Advent Viscious
End of Pandaren Foreign Tirisfal
The Ascended
Alliance of Dark Discipline
The Heart of Corrupt Guards
Zeksonic Totem
Party Clan
The Shurikens of Freek Knights
The Ultra Kinngdom
Masters of True Pain
The Defiant
Darkness of Justice Brewers
The Alliance Penguins
Order of Liquor Store Lovers
The Tragedys Ëxìled
Reign of All Out Wranglers
The Largo Heros
Order of Talon Under
The Holy Angels
Meats of the Blood Order
Knights of the Horde Guild
The Hells Guilde
The Unified Blades
The Frozen Hunters
Alt Cheese
The Monkey Ifrit
Defenders of the Thunder Circle
The Bankersunioneightyeight
Village of Pink Fuzzy Darkness
Epitaph of Pearl Omnituens
Circle of the Xroads Wolves
Addicts Honnah
The Brothers of Replacement Fist
The Cult of Golden Bruthuhood
The Deadfriends
Boomshaka Warsong
Tauren Society
Caer Templar
The Wings of Vile Loyalty
The Nightmare Beast
The Ring of Knights Power
The QuéBec Oppressed
Nightmare Fist
Warlock Wrath
The Apex
The Conflict of Original John
Legion of All Girls Guild
The Wykedness
Knights of the Demon Family
Demonic Playground
Order of Killer Bunny Wildfire
Alts Union
The Angelic Ninjas
The Sirens
Clothing Neighborhood
The Erudition
Pyrates of the Night Few
Lost Alliance
Dynasty of Rebels Tauren
Nefarious Bears
Order of Militis Guardians
Scarlet Fate
The Bread
The Order of Shadowed Killaz
Soul of No Gnomes Darkness
Army of Aku Soku Zion
The Free Arnold
Alti Anduin
Death Heros
Dawn of Blood Conglomerate