Guild Name Generator

This guild name generator was created by Nick Yee as part of the PARC PlayOn Project. Guild names below are generated from a grammar that captures the syntax of most guild names and with a weighted vocabulary drawn from about 22,000 guild names from 5 World of Warcraft servers.

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The Proteus Paradox: How Online Games and Virtual Worlds Change Us--And How They Don't

We often think of online games as being about fantasy, freedom, and fun, but many gamers describe their gaming as a second job, superstitions flourish, and a player’s suspected offline ethnicity can be a matter of virtual life and death. Moreover, virtual worlds contain a host of unique psychological tools for controlling how we think and behave. Drawing from player narratives, psychology lab experiments, and analysis of game server data, this is a book about gnomes falling in love, superstitious pigeons, how a community changes when computer city guards give out directions, and ultimately, what it means to be human in a digital world.

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Hand of Immune Immune Blood
Nexus of Fallen Skies
Chaos Phoenix
Economy of Blood Rose
The Droogs
Army of United Legion
The Pwnination
The Element
Kings Thirst
Blood of Shuns Angels
Mercenaries of Drooling Mystic
Hand of Amor E Ataxia
Silent Mortifer
Bank of Ninja Defenders
Hordes Whisper
Lemming Warcraft
Flight of Leave Us Carnival
Thralls Intent
The Tourniquet
Alchoholic Troopaz
The Ðragonriders
Marines of the Thralls Shadow
Shriek of Evil Shadows
The Dharma Hecate
Covenant of the Scarlet Souls
The Scorching Shee
The Blood of Skull Legïon
Templar Pandas
Gothic Mafia
The Avengers of Ninja Beggars
The Forlorn Angels
The Dragoons of Little Arms
The Uber Peasants
The Odiadores Del Huevos
Bank Rebellion
The Azeroth
Best of the Secret Warriors
Templars of Dirty Ole Avalon
The Omegasection
Breath of the Dark Razdain
The Mercenaries of Thiz Ownage
Kingdom of Les Time
Knights of Death Aequitas
The Journey
Banks of the High Defense
The Rebôund
Gods of Mad Angels
Brotherhood of Kalimdor Bounty Hope
Order of Third Imperial Promises
The Guardians of Stormrages Dawn
The Sylva
Undying Soul
Crusade of Sacred Intended
Knightwolves of Explicit Runners
The Phantom Outcasts
Squirrely Killers
The Asylum of Darkthorne Justice
Order of Phunkys Birthday Wardens
Devils Horde
Conclave of the Mother Parlor
The Loki
Shadows Annihilation
The Masters of Lone Rabbits
Wild Moon
The Order of Higher Knights
The Pirates of Clan Warriors
Minstrels of the Alliance League
Cake Under
Star of Aqua Teen Pirates
Shadow Alliance
Backdore Brawlers
Wings of the Blood Nozdormu
The Dimension of Heretic Space
The Champions of Stabbity Clan
Empire of Celestial Ussun
Knights Space
The Grateful Affiliates
Kwiky Lords
Order of Vogon Poets Assassins
The Moon
Boere Elves
Destructive Terror
Knights of Demonic Legends
Twilight of Gnomish Punt Clan
Jesters of Eternal Brood
Riders of Zero Awesome
The Damaged Goods Inc
The Barcode Brigade
Seagal Shadow
The Horde Chaos
The Brotherhood of Honored Union
The Bananarammers
The Eat Minion
Stealth Fire
Guardians of the Lothars Night
Felines of Oh Happy Reavers
Rebels War
Royal Diablo
The Line of Signum Militia
Wild Hospitallers
The Diminishing Heritage
Ministry of Rizin Undead Alive
Reign of the Gold Crusaders
The Web of Fallen Warriors
Der Hunters
Strength of Halsafas Fan Ténèbres
Narock Valor
Mithril Guard
Dawn of Black Tooth Bent
Assembly of Blood Legionis
Midnight Sauce
Azeroth Kiddlers
The Kings of Imperial Stalkers
The Legends of Ninja War
The Red Hand Bears
Army of the Dream Clan
Band of Maple Syrup Maidens
The Army of Fates Argentés
Mugatu Lords
The Anlahshok
Something Shadows
The Essence of Dead Horde
The Whiskeypirates
Quite Iluminare
Followers of Great One Raiders
The Felhunters
The Unseen Exile
Mostly Legacy
Spirit of Lesser Blue Embrace
The Alliance
Sacred Fumihazusu
Shadow Communication
Mercenaries of Gnome Carpets Simpletons
The Satans Steel
The Royal Framers
Race of HäPpy Tree Legion
Thralls Bwood