Guild Name Generator / Clan Name Generator

This guild / clan name generator was created by Nick Yee as part of the PARC PlayOn Project. Guild names below are generated from a grammar that captures the syntax of most guild names and with a weighted vocabulary drawn from about 22,000 guild names from 5 World of Warcraft servers.

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Legions of the Vita Hearth
The Black Crow Army
Church of Purple Helping Alliance
Judges of Iron Phoenix
The Khandars Farmer
Burning Champions
The Loki
Exiles of No Guild Rangers
Hometown Knights
Target Clan
The Pack of Princess Elite
Broken Anonymous
Champions of Fatima War Heads
The Reign of Crushing War
Hazardous Horse
Gods of EternL Squad
The Ght Thieves
Delta Agma
The Doomslayers
The Shadow
Guardians of Green Chat Strangers
Royal Crusade
Empire of Rock Lobster Awakening
Reign of Nightelf Skinning Nation
The Rawkfist
Noctis Romanus
Bloodrein Councle
Order of Andu Lo Ones
Dark Home
War Legion
Vile Ground
Knights of Killer Bunny Eighteen
Heavens Prophets
Divine Corps
The Cowabunga
Thunderbluffs Cavalry
Eight Babies
Shadow Sanctus
The Minions of Severed Templar
Darrnasian Legion
Shadow Mafia
Army of the Novus Templers
Tough Riders
Rum Girls
Minions of Da Gank Elites
Knights of Gogo Power Elune
Boardwalk Club
The Krad Crusaders
Dark Exiles
The Den of Military Meanies
The Minions of Heavens Society
Smash Valor
The Dirt Battalion
Desperate Erroticka
Champions of Hordes Deadly Hand
Defenders of Azeroths Ride
The Saviors of Ewo Gang
Lost Guards
The Gravewisdom
Followers of Flaming Pink Lunae
The Skyclad
Thralls Dragoons
Templar Mafia
The Reign of Narrow Banditos
Minions of Great One Brotherhood
The Legends of Shining Guardians
The Y Town Sorrow
The Trilams
The Doomsday Shadowbranch
Kill Deminion
Endless Assasins
The Alliance Hell
The Sentient
Anointed Mind
Ultimate Pies
Brothers of Free Beer War
Tyraels Lordaeron
Dukes of Twisted Republic Clan
The Daemic Solaris
The Izanamisisterhood
Blackhands Shadows
The Freelance Army
The Knights Gaming
Ordo Toast
The Shadowmeld
The Blood Sun
Bmf Lawl
The People of Delluna Gnomeregan
Hounds of the Three Clan
Raging Mafia
Hellfire of the Blood Brotherhood
Order of Pvp Knights
The Banished Chaos
Tru Miss
The Knights of Horde Loyalty
Knights of Gauntlets Fan Trainer
The Vicious Knights
The Horde
Altar Elites
Council of the Ice Typhoon
Grace of Blacklion Tuff
The Guild of Moonwood Immortality
The Excursion of Shadow Blood
Army of the Breaking Mortem
Alliance of RGue Brotherhood
Ministers of Dark Portal Meal
Legion of the Seagal Logic
The Brotherhood
Azerothian Lords
Knights of Super Wardens
Deadly Ivanhoe
The Eleventh Honor
Twinks Bloodspillers
The Russian Friends
Random Azeroth
Raiders of the Majestic Finest
Steadfast Valor
Queldorei Disguise
Demon of Y Town Brigade
Stormpike Dawn
The Pineapple of Legio Foos
The Remnants of Karma Oblivion
Shadow Team
Legends of the Doom Union
Knights of the Sith Societ
Divine Fellowship
The Norte Crossers
Bank of the Eldritch Terror
The Darkside of Darnassus Doom
The Lost
Gods of Wicked Shu
Infinity Explorers
The Army of Malicious Dust
The Malevolence
The Clan of Insane Heros
Ninjukahn Crow