Motivations Profile Browser

The Motivations Profile Browser is a tool that provides in-depth profiles of 127 MMORPG players who completed both the assessment and took the time to write about why they play. The motivation components of each player is shown visually next to their open-ended responses.

The tool allows you to either go through the profiles one by one, find a profile with an index, or randomly select a profile (default mode).

Access the Motivations Profile Browser

Here are several profiles that show how the tool works:

1) Socializer: Here is a typical profile showing a clear dominant motivation. In this case, it is the social component.

2) Social Role-Player: This profile shows how motivations do not suppress each other and in fact combine in interesting ways. This player enjoys the role-playing and customization aspects of the game within the context of socializing.

3) Solo Achieving Explorer: And here we have a player who loves advancement and the underlying mechanics and who prefers to solo. He also goes out of his way to explore the world.