I surveyed MMORPG players for the first time in the Fall of 99. Since then, I've surveyed over 35,000 MMORPG players from most of the popular US MMORPGs. Over the past 5 years, I've presented these findings in a variety of formats. I settled on The Daedalus Project as a way to easily present findings, but the problem that emerged was that it became hard to illustrate themes and show the big picture using a blog format.

The Daedalus Gateway is an attempt to provide a coherent gateway to all those findings. Also, they are meant as a set of thematic primers for people who stumble onto the site but have no idea where to start or how to make sense of all the information. In the short introductions, I sometimes make reference to other research in order to draw out the larger themes. To avoid confusion, all links in the text are internal links to more in-depth data or presentations. External links are clearly marked as such at the bottom of each page.

I hope these pages are useful as a means to navigate through the underlying data that has been presented over the past few years. These pages will also be updated as new findings and resources become available.


The Daedalus Gateway - The Psychology of MMORPGs

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