Respondent Demographics

Of the 6700 responses, 5486 (82%) were EQ players, 1044 (15%) were DAOC players, 68 (1.0%) were Anarchy Online players, and 83 (1.2%) were Asheron's Call players. I attribute the lower response rate of the latter 3 games to my poorer understanding of where the most heavily-frequented websites are. But I received a much higher than expected EQ response rate because had my listing at the top of their news list over the entire weekend.

About 11% of the respondents were female.

The average age of the respondents was 26.7 (N=6631). Female players were significantly older than male players (T[6615]=-12.31, Mmale(5891)=26.3, Mfemale(726)=30.5, p<.001).

On average, the respondents played their game for about 24 hours each week. Female players played significantly more hours per week than male players (T[6612]=-3.27, Mmale(5888)=23.8, Mfemale(726)=25.7, p=.001).

Copyright, March 2002, by Nicholas Yee.

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