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Discussing MMORPG addiction is difficult for several reasons. Many MMORPG players have seen how D&D was stigmatized during the 80's and they view the current trend to brand MMORPGs as dangerous as a contemporary parallel of what happened to D&D. In fact, the recent accusation that EverQuest causes suicides is an exact replay of one line of accusation against D&D two decades ago. It is therefore no surprise why MMORPG players become very defensive when outsiders accuse MMORPGs as being addictive or dangerous with only a few extreme cases as evidence. On certain message boards, the accusations and retorts often degenerate into emotional or unsubstantiated diatribes.

Instead of participating in this polarized debate, the following essay is descriptive rather than prescriptive. Using survey data and anecdotes collected from MMORPG players, the following essay first shows that MMORPG addiction is a very real phenomenon, and then attempts to provide a holistic explanation of MMORPG addiction - in terms of both internal game factors and external personality or situational factors, and shows how the two are intertwined.

Copyright, October 2002, by Nicholas Yee

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