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Age Differences


The following are elements that correlated significantly (p < .05) between age and the gaming elements. If two things correlate positively, it means that as one increases, so does the other. A negative correlations means that as one increases, the other decreases, and vice versa. Thus, a negative correlation here means that younger gamers prefer it while older gamers tend to dislike it, while a positive correlation means the opposite.


Younger Gamers prefer:

Older gamers prefer:

Heart-pumping action (-.27)

Culture elements (.30)

Social aspect (-.13)

Achieving some goal (.14)

Real-time games (-.23)

Intellectual Stimulation (.13)

Limited and Massively multiplayer games

(-.19, -.30)

Full of mental challenges (.14)

Destruction (-.21)

Historical basis or accuracy (.13)

Reflex challenges (-.32)


Elaborate plot or storyline (-.19)


First-person perspective (-.13)


Graphical violence and gore (-.31)


Elements of sexual appeal (-.13)



The correlational coefficient is listed next to each element.