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There is no such thing as a gamer personality. Different gamers look for very different elements in games. Furthermore, they are motivated to play these games for different reasons, and get different things out of them.


Not only is there no such thing as one gamer personality, gamers derive different experiences from games at different ages. Thus, different game genres in general attract different kinds of personalities, but these personalities also change depending on age. This is further complicated by the fact that most gamers enjoy several different genres.


Thus, there even isn’t such a thing as a FPS personality or a TBS personality.


But why do the personality correlates change depending on age? There are several possible reasons for this. First of all, gamers may find different kinds of games appealing as they age. So someone who is Extraverted may enjoy FPS when they are young, but switch to MMORPG’s when they get older. 


Another possible reason is that gamers stay with the same games, but are attracted to different elements as they age. So someone may like the turn-based quality of TBS games when they are young, but then are attracted to the elements of economy and technology as they get older. It is likely that both occur.