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I was interested in seeing how personality differences influenced gaming preferences. More specifically, what could we say about someone’s personality if we knew his gaming preferences?


There were two parts to this study. First, I used a short survey to generate a list of game elements that could be isolated. Over a period of 5 days, I received 47 valid responses to this survey.


Then I used this list of elements to create a questionnaire. This was composed of 3 main sections. The first section listed the gaming elements and asked respondents how appealing each element was using a Likert scale. The next section was composed of a shortened version of the Big-5 personality scale. The last section contained the MBTI scale. I advertised the study in online gaming forums and message boards. Over a period of one month, I received 380 responses to this questionnaire.


Of the 380 respondents, 31 reported to be female, while 322 reported to be male. The average age was 27.0. The minimum was 13, while the maximum was 64.


This presentation begins with the more straight-forward findings of the study, and progresses into the more complicated findings.