EQ and UO players' experiences with other games

Most EQ players have never played the other 2 games. 61% of EQ players have never played UO or DAOC. We see the same trend for UO players. 56% of UO players have never played EQ or DAOC.

DAOC players' experiences with the other 2 games

Most DAOC players have played either EQ or UO. About 31% of DAOC players have played neither.


When asked how satisfied they were with their respective games, respondents gave fairly similar answers across the 3 games. In particular, female players from UO and DAOC were significantly more satisfied than male players from those 2 games (p<.001 for both).

How long will you keep your account active for?

Although it appeared that gamers from all 3 games were equally satisfied with their respective game, differences emerged when asked how long they would keep their accounts active for. In particular, it was found that DAOC players would keep their accounts active for significantly less time when compared with EQ or UO players (p<.001 for both).

Copyright, March 2002, by Nicholas Yee.