I'd like to thank everyone who has participated in this ongoing study. Your participation is much appreciated.

Codename Blue is an attempt to take what has been learned from the Norrathian Scrolls and collect data from games other than EverQuest to see how general or specific the findings are. This project tries to understand MMORPG players in a broader context, as well as drill deeper into areas that have been explored before. This study is ongoing, and the focus will change every phase. About every month, new questionnaires will be made available and publicized at popular MMORPG portals. Some of the data presented ties in with the 5 factors discussed in Facets, so read Facets if you want to understand those portions of this presentation.

Some data in this section is very time-sensitive (such as satisfaction with game, or likelihood of trying out a new game) and may change dramatically over time, so bear this in mind when reading this section. The data for this section was collected around 3/25/02. Players from 3 MMORPG's participated in this study:

- EverQuest (EQ)
- Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC)
- Ultima Online (UO)

In general, I am much less interested in overall statistical distributions (such as exact gender ratio) because these statistics are too easily skewed by a biased sampling, and in fact are harder to pin down. I am much more interested in how subsets of the population differ from each other (such as showing that female players are older than male players), and these second order statistics are less prone to overall sampling bias than the first order statistics.

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Copyright, March 2002, by Nicholas Yee.