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Why We Quit

It was also clear to some players that this was a giant treadmill to nowhere.

No specific events made me quit, it was rather that i couldn't find myself any semi-longterm goals to achieve. I absolutely need a longterm goal to strive toward to enjoy the game. In the end the game was more 'work' than 'play', and with no personal goal to achieve my gaming experience deteriorated. I played the game for about three months feeling like this before i finally decided to take a break and check wether that certain 'withdrawal syndrome' would present itself or not. Unfortunately it never did. [AO, m, 30]

Nothing in particular. The game just seemed like an endless race to other words it was more work than fun. [EQ, m, 21]

I stopped playing EQ because: 1. As I leveled, I felt less powerful. At first level, you can hunt in any number of places. Not so at 49th. 2. Difficulty of getting the content I paid for. Maiden's Eye, a high level area, was difficult to get a group in, i tried several times, albeit briefly. That had a lot to do with my leaving EQ. I have few places to hunt and getting groups there is not worth it. 3. It takes ~1 hour to get a group together. That's unfortunate. 4. The guild I was in spent more time saying hello to one another than adventuring. [EQ, m , 36]

For some players, it was the frustrations that arose from their social relationships that caused them to quit.

I guess I stopped playing it because a lot of my close friends had left the game, or I just kept missing them the times they were on. Got a little harder to level, and some new MMORPG's were coming out that I wanted to try. [f, EQ, 14]

I took a break from EQ to play DAOC; EQ was getting to me a bit and I needed time away. DAOC I found interesting, there was much to like about it (especially in contrast) but what I missed was all the social interaction I had in EQ. I knew that I could develop a new social network on DAOC but I was wondering too much about my EQ friends to get interested in that. Soon I found myself popping onto EQ to see if any of my EQ friends wanted to go to DAOC with me. When that didn't pan out very well, I finally quit DAOC. [DAOC, f, 49]

All friends out-leveled me, so I could no longer group with them. [EQ, m, 32]

Several players left because they felt the game lacked either complexity or true role-play.

Wasn’t as good as EQ. Found that because EQ is a more difficult game it took longer to master, and therefore had more lasting appeal. I think they should stop making these games so simple. I have quit other games for the same reason, and also because it is harder to communicate well on some games EQ was easy to speak to people, so was DAOC...all the other games out there i have played and quit because it was to difficult to speak to people in game. [DAOC, m, 26]

I feel that there is no real role-playing in the game, I had imagined it as a world alive with creatures and characters/personalities but was disappointed. After a year I gave up trying to find other role-players in the game and decided to quit. There are some very talented role-players out there but they are few, most people are only interested in gaining levels as fast as possible. [EQ, f, 28]

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