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Inside Out


Even though an MMORPG already offers a higher chance of compatibility among players, thereís something else that artificially boosts this sense of compatibility. The "Law of Attraction" in psychology states that people tend to like those with shared attitudes, values or beliefs. This is true as long as there arenít a lot of things they disagree on. The internet is very good at hiding differences because a lot of physical cues we use to judge others are missing Ė clothing, hair style, speech inflection, accent, age, appearance, expressions and gestures among others. A lot of times, we donít even consider approaching someone because of their hair style or the clothes they are wearing. But we donít see those things when we chat with someone online. And because those differences are hidden away, we focus on all the things we do agree on and the sense of compatibility is enhanced even though this would not have been the case if this meeting occurred in the real world. In other words, many relationships that would never have even begun in the real world have a far better chance of developing online. To some people, this is a good thing.

They are good friends due to the fact you must throw all prejudices away about looks, language impediments, color, race everything related to physically meeting a person. This is similar to RL friends I believe. In RL a close friend is one who you have looked past all that stuff previously mention and you like the person inside. [m, 28]

This heightened sense of compatibility is especially important in the development of romantic relationships. Romance usually begins with an idealization of the other person where they gain god-like features and abilities, where they become flawless and perfect in every way. The textual communication in MMORPGs almost encourages people to fill in the blanks. It lets people idealize as much as possible while hiding the flaws as much as possible. These idealizations are reinforced by the game metaphors themselves Ė knights in shining armor, clerics with glowing aura. Thus, these metaphors also encourage projecting a superhuman idealization upon another player apart from the underlying inflated sense of compatibility. As one player puts it:

The MMORPG relationship is inexplicably more romantic, more epic, more dramatic... [f, 16]

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