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Why Do You Play?

Immersion / Escapism

Other players are motivated neither by other people nor the goals, but by the environment itself. What appeals to them is that you can step out of the real world and not have to deal with real-life issues for a few hours:

I just like the alter-reality. I was lucky to find a group of people (my guild mates and a few others), with whom I get along and can have amusing conversations. I find EverQuest to be a good way to relax and shed the daily troubles for a few hours. Honestly, I find this alter-world to be like a mind massage that lets me get back into the heat of real life struggle with rejuvenated energies. [EQ, M, 34]

I play Anarchy Online & EverQuest because it's an escape from the real world. No one complains about jobs or other meaningless things. It's a great stress reducer. I like that I can be someone else for a couple hours. [AO, F, 28]

I play the game because it is fun for me to play. When I get home from work or school, and I'm particularly stressed about something, it is fun for me to just jump on the computer and jump into EverQuest. It is a great stress reliever for me. The only real reason I keep playing is because I have a couple close friends that I can talk to a lot via EverQuest. I also am able to keep in touch with my brother through the game. The game itself, honestly, has gotten a little boring now, so I really cannot wait until World of Warcraft or EverQuest 2 comes out. [EQ, M, 17]

I enjoy playing the games because it is the perfect way to escape the mundane of everyday life. I find it exciting to become something that you aren't and live and experience a second life full of adventure and intrigue that I can be shared with many other people. [SWG, M, 22]

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