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Revised Motivations Framework

In light of these concerns, a new set of statements were run, by including elements mentioned in (3) and (4), and by changing the response options to be construct-specific. Literature in survey methodologies has suggested that the "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree" type response choices yield lower reliability due to acquiescence and ambiguity. The suggested practice is to match response choices to the variable of interest in the question stem using extreme responses as anchors. For example,

It is very important to me to level up as fast as possible.
- Strongly Agree
- Agree
- Neither
- Disagree
- Strongly Disagree

How important is it you to level up as fast as possible?
- Not Important At All
- Slightly Important
- Moderately Important
- Very Important
- Tremendously Important

This change in response choice construction was made to improve the overall reliability of the statements used.

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