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Dragon Slaying 102: Unsung Heroes

The Corellian Corvette is a high-level dungeon in Star Wars Galaxies that is notoriously difficult (although not difficult in a strategic sense). The following story details one player's frustrations in planning and executing the raid.

Star Wars Galaxies: The Corellian Corvette

The hardest part about a raid is getting a good leader and preparing for it. My guild was going to take on the 'Corellian Corvette' in SWG. This 'dungeon' restricts you to a max of 10 players, but is un-godly tough, and most groups of even 10 fully prepared combat characters fail it. It's fairly foolish to attempt without a full group of 10 though, and this was the first difficulty: we had eight. I was going to be the leader and go-to guy for the raid because I was the only one who had done it before.

We met in the guild hall and prepared, passing out food items, drink items, spice (combat drugs), weapon powerups (100 use each weapon boosters), healing kits to those who used them, etc... This took about an hour. Then, as I started to explain the raid to my guildmates and frantically searched for 2 more participants, they grew very impatient.

We don't use a Voice program like Teamspeak, but it would have been invaluable here. Communications, having to type everything is TERRIBLY ineffective, especially in a battle situation. Likewise, the interfaces to trade things is terribly slow. What should have been a 'Ok everyone, take one of these' became a 'trade with person 1.... slide item1 over, finish trade.... repeat for 6 other players, repeat for 5 other items that other players need to trade off' Needless to say, as I tried to find two more needed players to prevent this from becomming a complete waste of buffs, items, time and effort, my guild took off to go to the 'zone'. In transit, as I chased after their impatient selves, I did find two more people to go with us.

I've been on this raid now about 6 times, and have never completed it. It has an hour time limit and simply fighting everything in the dungeon takes far longer. Your objective is not to 'kill all' though, but is in the style of: 'throw all the switches'. Of course, it's nearly impossible to even reach some of the switches without taking on some very, nasty mobs. You cannot run by them because they will chase you down and never let up until either you or they are dead. If you die in the Corellian Corvette dungeon, you start over at beginning (which isn't so bad if you've cleared out most of the passageways to get back to your group) but you have wounds which can't be healed in the dungeon, and have lost your buffs, which makes you worthless as a fighter, since an unbuffed player won't last 5 hits there.

Like healing wounds, it's impossible to re-apply buffs in the dungeon as well (they prevent medical droids from operating, and thus, re-buffing and healing). That time my guild went, we actually did a fair amount of damage. What killed us were these totally ugly mobs that SOE felt were needed called Super Battle Droids, which for some reason can kill and deathblow a fully buffed, fully powered character in one or two hits. Only a few combat 'templates' can take more than a couple hits, and if you don't have constant healing. they die as well. Our guild is slightly less combat oriented than some of these 'uber-combat' guilds, with many members having skill points divided into crafting and adventuring skill professions.

Granted, just about all of us had at least ONE 'Master' combat profession, but this means nothing in the Corellian Corvette, since in order to have the defenses to survive, only the top armor must be worn, and you must have multiple, 'stacked' combat professions. What have I learned? I learned I *HATE* large group raids. I don't want anything to do with them anymore. Most of my guild have also expressed their hatred for them, and are displeased SOE constantly thinks all higher level content must be taken on by groups of 10 to 30. [SWG, M, 30]


Posted on October 10, 2004 | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)


I have had three attempts at the neutral rescue mission on corvette on my own.

My first attempt: i soon relised that this was imposable to fight my way through at least not without a group, so i instead ran arround trying to get to know the layout, unfortunatly burst run is not an option as the gravity up there conflicts with it... bugger.

Luckly I am master combat medic, so i ditched my weopen so i could run faster and targeted myself so i could heal, this means remembering to re target myself each time i touch something like a switch or an armoury. i failed but managed to get a bit of loot for my trouble.

Second attempt: After reading through a walkthrough i felt confedent i could run through the mission using the same tactic, still got a little lost but managed to get to the prisoners with 40 mins to spare to look around for loot. after finishing the mission i still could'nt find all the loot spots, so i used the escape pod with 5 min to spare and went back to collect my reward :D.

Third attempt: After addressing the walkthrough again i felt confedent i could find all four loot spots so i set about doing the mission again, only to find that when i got there it was a trap... all the guards had better weopens and all the loot and key stages of the missions had at least 8 extra battle droids guarding them, it was a suiscide mission, and each time they killed me i would respawn incapped for 30 secs with no health and a message saying something like quest/corvette_trap:stunned. I.E the two loot spots in the little room: Only you cant see them to loot them as its crammed full of battle droids and by the time you do target the droid or armoury to open it your dead. after 40 mins i decided to use the escape pod, with nothing to show for my trouble. I did get into the armoury using one of the codes in the computer room and i did manage to open the armoury and i double clicked the loot inside, but they did'nt let me have it i just died. So glad i did'nt bring anyone with me as that would have been 8 people pissed off with SWG and swearing to kill the dev who thought of doing that to us.

If anyone knows a little bit more about this trap please say as i have tried to find out more about it online but nothing has showed up.

many thanks,


Posted by: Totem on October 8, 2005 5:42 AM

my old windurst only linkshell used to do two of these each week and we got pretty good at it. The funny thing is it's EXACTLY how you described it. We found an order to kill the beastmen in that worked really well. Above all, we'd kill the summoner first for the slight chance that it wouldn't use it's 2h. Then we'd focus on any job that could heal like whm,rdm,pld. After that, we killed the DD jobs like blm,mnk,drk. Then we just killed what was left one at a time. Our leader would shout out one of the beastmen's names in all caps so we all would focus on that one.

Just a fun fact: If you find a beastman BST and you kill his pet before you kill him, he can charm one of your team members. The first time this happened to us we had no clue why one of our darks was attacking the mages. He told us he lost all control over his character while he was charmed.

I made a movie about ffxi and in it I included one of our EF battles, here's the link:

Posted by: Superguy on October 29, 2005 10:44 AM
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