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An invasion in Ironforge of the Argent Dawn RP realm by players from the Blackrock PvP realm. The Blackrock players created a swarm of naked Gnome characters to "protest" stability issues with their server (it was down at the time.) Many of the players spammed channels such as Yell and General with messages either ridiculing roleplayers, espousing their dislike for Blizzard, or with pure nonsense; others quietly hopped around the city. The invading players even created a guild called BLACKROCK EXILES which nearly all of the players involved joined. Some time during the event a train of protesters formed and I decided to follow them around "in costume" and silently observe. A large number of native Argent Dawn players attempted to "fight back" by submitting complaints to GMs, and many Warlocks attempted to summon Infernals to kill the invading Gnomes. Eventually the Blackrock server came back online and the protesters began to disappear.


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