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Understanding and Dealing with Gaming Problems: A Q&A with a Therapist

Shavaun Scott has an incredibly unique perspective on online games. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, has been working in addiction treatment since the late 80s, and has been a therapist for individuals, couples, and families since 1991. Moreover, as an MMO gamer herself, and a mother with two boys who sometimes spend too much time playing MMOs, the issue of "online gaming addiction" is something she takes very seriously and has thought a great deal about.

In the media, discussion of online games oftentimes degrades into sensationalist sound bytes, and it is incredibly difficult to find sensible strategies to many common problems. For example, what is the best way for a concerned parent or friend to approach someone who has a gaming problem? What are things they should and shouldn't do in these situations? These were also questions that I wasn't trained to address (as an experimental psychologist).

So when Shavaun agreed to be interviewed for an article on understanding and how to deal with the common problems, I was very excited. I also want to take a moment here to say how much I appreciate her taking the time to provide such thoughtful and insightful responses to some very difficult questions.

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