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The Character Creation Process

Game-Play Factors (10%) Players in this category are trying to optimize for a game-play factor, whether it is soloability, utility in groups, end-game utility, etc.

Research which classes are easiest to level/most in demand in endgame, etc. Beyond that I go by aesthetics for race (I like pretty humanoid races) and class (I prefer finesse style melee to strength style melee) [WoW, M, 22]

I look for character classes that have high grouping potential. If there is a healer class, I'll look at those; i prefer healers that have a good array of buffs. I also like melee classes that can cast spells. I'll look at the pure casters, but if they are just nukers, I won't roll a character in that class. [EQ, M, 54]

Class Research (7%) Players in this category have no preference for class types or class abilities, but they base their character creation primarily on choosing a class. So they first read through all the class descriptions and then pick the one that most interests them.

I look through what the role of each of the classes is and then pick the class that I find most interesting. I then choose the race whose stats best fit that class. Unless I really dislike the look of a race, the appearance of the race doesn't influence my decison. [FFXI, M, 23]

General Appearance (5%) Players in this category use character appearance as the primary decision factor in creating their character. They try to find a race/class combination that has a look that appeals to them regardless of functionality.

I start a female character first. I like pretty characters, both male and female. That's why I don't like to start horde characters although they are pretty neat to play [WoW, M, 43]

In fantasy MMOs, how plate armor looks is important to me as that is what I'm more then likely to be wearing, and in sci-fi MMOs, how the ships look with guns blazing is something I pay some attention to. [WoW, M, 20]

Specific Combo (5%) Players in this category have very specific race + gender + class combinations that they will go for first if available. Oftentimes, players in this category are role-playing and have a character concept in mind that they are trying to fill.

A female, likely human, of a warrior-like or otherwise nonmagical class. Appearance should be nice, without being overly attractive. Starting area, if not purely determined by race, should be a mildly peaceful 'normal' area. My intent is to have a character unlikely to have an unintuitive way of fighting (charge and slash at things) while still being a character I'd like to eventually have as my main. [WoW, M, 19]

I mostly have an image of the character I want to play in mind, so I compare my image to the classes and according skills/stats/powers to see what fits my idea best. Starting zones are mostly irrelevant. [City of Heroes, M, 28]

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