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In Journals and Media

A brief rundown of recent journal articles and media sound bites.

Dmitri Williams led a project where we analyzed server-side data from EverQuest 2 in combination with a survey of randomly sampled players from the game. Our first overview paper of the findings just came out in a peer-reviewed journal and it is accessible to the public. While the BMI (body mass index) finding has been making the rounds in media, that finding is just one of a large set of findings from the paper. For example, what's surprised me the most is how closely my self-selected surveys came to the findings from a randomly sampled survey in terms of average age, hours played per week, etc. So even though there clearly is bias in the self selected surveys, it appears that the findings track fairly closely to more rigorously sampled data.

In my work with the Incredible Internet, we're starting a series of three video podcasts for parents in helping them understand online games and how to set reasonable expectations for their kids. The first podcast just came out. My main goal in helping create these videos is to strike a balanced tone--describing the main risks and suggesting sensible rules without resorting to loaded words and fear-based messages.

And a little tangential to gaming, but relevant to virtual worlds and the upcoming presidential election, the local ABC channel did a clip on our work at the Stanford VR lab highlighting the presidential face morphing studies we've done. That clip is also available online.

Posted on October 9, 2008 | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)


love the podcast, it was balanced and realistic. As a gamer and a parent of a gamer it was a struggle at times to limit the time my daughter was online. Currently, she is 19 and past the age for time limitations, but, because of the limitations and expectations we had agreed to when she started gaming at the age of 13, she has a healthy and realistic view of gaming, limiting her time online and dealing with real-life responsibilities.

If parents don't get involved and don't at least try the game their child is playing, then alot of problems can easily crop up.

Being involved with your child both online and offline can create a positive relationship between you and more outlets that you and your child can spend time together in.

Thanks Nick!


Posted by: Lisa on October 10, 2008 12:14 PM

I am currently 18 and even I have problems limiting my game time. I am currently living in a place where the people and I don't have much in common pretty much in every factor of life, so i found myself spending a dangerous amount of time playing online games just to meet some people i had more in common with. My advice to parents and people who play online games is to do all things you need to do before playing on the game and set a weekly amount of time devoted to the game.

Posted by: Zeke on December 9, 2008 9:09 AM
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