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Data on Player Life-Cycles

Motivation scores across the Achievement, Social, and Immersion factors were also collected from players, so we can take a look at how motivations for playing change over time. First below is the chart of Achievement scores. Throughout the stages, men tend to be more achievement-oriented than women, but for both genders, achievement is most compelling during the Mastery and Burn Out stages. What's interesting about Achievement as a play motivation is that it may directly lead a player to the Burn Out stage (thus both a good and bad thing at the same time). As the chart also shows, players who make it to the Casual stage have let go of their strong Achievement drives. Or in other words, strong Achievement players in Burn Out stages tend to quit instead of stay, and thus the ones who remain in the game (in Casual stage) score lower on Achievement on average.

We see a somewhat similar pattern with the Social scores with some interesting differences. Both men and women actually start out not caring much about socializing. It is only starting from the Mastery stage that both genders care a more about social stuff in the game. Also at this point, there is suddenly a large gender difference in the Social motivation. In contrast with the Achievement motivation, the Social motivation remains somewhat important among players in the Casual stage. This is consistent with the saying that "People start for the game, but they stay for other players".

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