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 New data added for Version 2.5:
Real-Life Demographics   Marital Status
Do You Have Children?
Annual Household Income
In-Game Demographics   Have you ever tried playing on a PVP server?
If so, how enjoyable was the experience?
Visual Perspective
Kunark Expansion
Velious Expansion
"Shadows of Luclin" Expansion
Dragon Raids and Plane Raids
A character above level 50
Leader of a Guild
Men and Women   Expanded essay
What About ... ?   EQ Fan-Faire
Buying items from E-Bay
Do you usually smoke cigarettes when you play EQ?
Do you usually drink alcohol when you play EQ?
Upgrading computer hardware for EQ
Upgrading internet connection for EQ


Questions or comments can be directed to Nicholas Yee.


I would like to thank Doug Davis, Professor of Psychology at Haverford College, for everything he has taught me and for all the support he has given me for the past two years. I would also like to thank Matt Nocifore, Assistant Director of Academic Computing at Haverford College, for letting me use his CGI script to process online forms.

I would also like to thank and for helping me publicize my study. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who took the time to participate in this ongoing study, especially to those who continue to remain involved in the study.

Copyright and Attribution

Copyright, May 2001, by Nicholas Yee. Text excerpts and graphs should be attributed to:
"The Norrathian Scrolls: A Study of EverQuest" (version 2.5) by Nicholas Yee, 2001.


Direct quotations from respondents are used in this report. All quotations have not been edited for spelling or grammatical mistakes. No quotations included make direct reference to any named character or player.

Statistical Notes

When information on statistical tests is included in this report, the statistical test used is mentioned first. Degrees of freedom are mentioned in square brackets, followed by the result of the test, ie. T-value or F-value. Means of groups tested are given next, with their respective number of subjects given in round brackets. P-values are reported last. For example, (T[1079]=-4.96, Mmale(918)=25.2, Mfemale(163)=29.0, p<.001). In a partial listing, "N" refers to the number of subjects.

P-values refer to the probability of the result occurring due to chance alone. A p-value of .05, that is 1/20, is the standard cutoff for statistical significance. Most significant results in this report are significant at p<.001, or less than 1/1000. The word "significantly" in this report refers exclusively to statistical significance.

Personality Notes


The above visual aid will be used to summarize personality data. In this example, the bolded "A" implies that Agreeableness is linked with the question or variable being discussed. Descriptions of the personality scales used can be found here.