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Through The Looking Glass (Fall, 1999)

An online study exploring the interaction of player and character identity. Why do some people tend to create characters similar to themselves, while others seem to create characters wildly different from who they are in real life? Are characters idealized versions of the players who play them? And how does personality influence this interaction between player and character identity?

Journey into EverQuest (Spring, 2000)

A qualitative online study of EverQuest that tries to map out the many different aspects of the game through free-response answers from EQ players. Includes sections on: appeal of the game, character creation, in-game dynamics, gender dynamics, relationships, and comparison with traditional RPG's. This study forms the foundation for the current ongoing study.

Alice in the Matrix (Summer, 2000)

An online study that tries to explore connections between personality and attraction to particular game genres. Are there personality traits that distinguish FPS gamers from TBS gamers? Can we find support for the media portrayal of FPS gamers to be reclusive and neurotic? Read companion essay.