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Survey Basics


There were 7 surveys altogether linked to a main webpage that was posted on numerous websites and newsgroups. I started to publicize the site on 3/25/00 and closed analysis on 4/15/00.


Altogether, around 2500 surveys were submitted. About 1-2% of these were blank or repeated submissions. Using 1863 surveys with listed emails (about 20-25% of surveys did not include email addresses), I calculated that each individual on average filled out 2.47 surveys. Thus, about 1000 individuals took time to fill out the surveys[1].


On average, about 360 people filled out each survey. Of these, 87% on average were male respondents and 13% were female. The average age of respondents was 23.2. The median was 22. The age range was from 12 to 63.



[1] This is assuming that people who did not enter their emails filled out about the same number of surveys as people who did. 1000 is probably close to the least number of people who filled out surveys because people who filled out more than 2 probably would want to know the results, thereby entering their emails.