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            The first part of the questionnaire was a series of statements where each had 5 buttons the respondents could choose: ranking from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. The following factors were included:

1)      Age

2)      Gender

3)      Length of time role-playing

4)      Character as Reflection of Self

5)      Character as Ideal Self

6)      Character as Learning tool

7)      Empathy with character

8)      Character Creation Influence

9)      Gaming Style Preference: social / deep

10)  Gender Switching

11)  Gaming Systems Preference: dice / hack-and-slash

12)  Self-Image

13)  RPG Appeal


Instead of using the Big-5 Factors, I used the Myer-Briggs Scales instead. There are four factors and each was measured with 5 statements. (Here is a good brief introduction to the MBTI Scales)

The questionnaire was publicized in 2 ways. I emailed all the survey respondents who did not mind being followed-up upon to fill out a copy of the questionnaire. I also posted another message on about 14-16 RPG message boards and forums on the Internet. Over a period of 6 days (10/25/99-10/31/99), I received 225 responses back. Through what other medium is it possible to get 225 responses from 20 minutes of work?


Survey Discussion (Back) <-----------------------> (Forward) Questionnaire Results