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My study consisted of two phases: a preliminary online survey, consisting mainly free-form questions, and a more crystallized questionnaire, consisting of multiple-choice questions.

The preliminary survey was used to get a rudimentary understanding for what factors seemed to separate gamers from one another. Using text-fields to encourage more personal and in depth responses, questions probed the following areas:

1)      Appeal: Why do RPG’s appeal to the respondent?

2)      Character Choice Consistency: Does the respondent consistently choose certain character classes or types?

3)      Character Creation Influence: What influences the character creation process?

4)      Character Empathy: Does the respondent empathize with the created characters?

5)      Player-Character Comparison: In what ways are the respondent and characters created similar and different?

6)      Alignment Comparison: Does the respondent choose character alignments that reflect his/her own?

7)      Gender Switching: Has the respondent ever played a character of the opposite gender?

8)      Hobby Crossover: Does the respondent participate in MOO’s, MUD’s, Magic: The Gathering or computer games?

          Apart from the free-form questions, 9 multiple choice questions were used to get an approximation of 3 Big-5 Factors – Extroversion, Agreeableness and Openness (explanation of these factors can be found here). 3 multiple choice questions were used for each factor. The questions were taken from Goldberg’s online inventory.

The survey was publicized in two ways. I emailed some gamers I knew and asked them to fill out the survey as well as tell their gamer friends about it.  I also posted a note on about 10-12 RPG message boards and forums on the Internet inviting people to fill out a copy of the survey. Over a 7 day period (10/17/99-10/24/99), I received 100 responses back, excluding repeated submissions.

            What amazed me most was not the sheer amount of respondents, but the fact that most respondents seemed genuinely interested in filling out the survey and most answers were at least 3 sentences long. There were no bogus or joke replies as far as I could tell.

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