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Description of Personality Factors

And finally, here are the brief descriptions from the 5 factors taken from the Facets study:

Relationship: This factor measures the desire to develop meaningful relationships with other players in the game - usually in the form of a supportive friendship.

Immersion: This factor measures the desire to become immersed in a make-believe construct and to role-play different characters.

Grief: This factor measures the desire to objectify and use other players for one's own gains.

Achievement: This factor measures the desire to become powerful within the construct of a game and correlates with a desire to accumulate weapons or symbols of power.

Group / Lead: This factor measures the gregariousness of a player, and correlates with a desire to achieve group success as well as a desire to lead these groups.

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Hello, I am a student of Psychology and I was very interested in the personality assessment created by Edward Murray that you have written about in your article. I tried to search the net, but I found little. Can you please suggest me some links where I may learn more about Murray's model?

Thank you very much.


Posted by: Piero Stanley Pirro on February 4, 2009 2:03 AM
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