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Welcome to The Third Issue

I finally found out what was causing the erratic page cut-off that some of you may have experienced here. It apparently is caused by an IE6 bug (go figure), and has a very straight-forward quick fix. Another one of life greatest dilemma's has been solved :)

I also integrated the MT-Paginate plug-in, which allows pagination of a long entry over multiple pages. This makes the longer entries look less daunting to read. I think the page-flipping metaphor makes the experience more pleasant by simulating progress, while one long webpage just feels daunting.

I'm also picking up some PHP and MySQL skills (which I think will come in handy) and it'll let me create interactive components here as well as in the surveys themselves.

Posted on March 25, 2003 | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)


Thanks that bug was really bugging me (sorry for the pun)i have entered phase 8 and i hope you guys come and see the guild website at the link shown in url

Posted by: Sam Byard on April 4, 2003 8:34 AM
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