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Appeal of Genres and Implementations

On an abstract level, a speed increase spell (like Spirit of Wolf in EQ) is the functional equivalent of a hovercraft (when that gets implemented in SWG) in that they both enhance traveling speed. And in the same way, a heavy plasma cannon is the functional equivalent of a Darkwood Bow in that they are both ranged weapons. The question is how these implementation and genre differences influence appeal across age and gender differences. Knowing how these differences interact with genre differences lets us understand what demographic an upcoming game might attract.

Three sets of implementation/genre differences were used that focused on different aspects of a game pet instantiation, ranged weaponry, and method of enhanced traveling. The following tables summarize the age and gender differences among these implementation differences. All differences shown are significant at p<.001. The appeal column is the average rating on an 8-point scale across all respondents. This gives a rough indicator of each implementation relative to others.

Because a higher percentage of respondents came from medieval/fantasy-based MMORPGs, those implementations that come from those genres appear to be skewed higher, so do not focus on the Appeal column too much.

And finally, as a fuller synthesis of an actual genre, respondents were asked to rank the appeal of the following 4 hypothetical tribes that had different values and strengths.

A tribe that relies on technology and mechanical inventions (droid, hover-craft, laser cannon)
A tribe that relies on magical abilties and spells (magical pet, speed spell, lightning bolt spell)
A tribe that relies on a symbiotic relationship with nature (creature pets and mounts, darkwood bow)
A tribe that relies on psionic abilities (charm pet, levitation ability, psionic shockwave)

Personally, an MMORPG that had Nature/Tribal factions against Technological/Mechanical factions is very appealing. Is there one like that in Beta or design around?

Posted on November 3, 2003 | Comments (3) | TrackBack (1)

Comments a wider sense, yes. In the upcoming WoW, there are the techology orientated Gnomes (side: Alliance) and the tribal orientated Orcs/Taurens (side: Horde).

Posted by: Mervissen on November 11, 2003 7:42 AM

I find it interesting that the "women prefer" is correlated to interest increasing with age, while "men prefer" decreases with age. Of course, one cannot assume that the differences in age have to do only with relative maturity because those over 35 have certainly been raised in a different culture than that of a younger population.

Posted by: thoguy on December 18, 2003 3:10 PM

I do believe that Thoguy is on to something, though I'm slightly unsure due to his wording.

People in the thirty-five plus age range are not merely differentiated by a hypothetical gain of maturity (I say hypothetical because I have discovered a phenomena of age and maturity not being linked in both my online and real life observations of and interactions with people) but by a very different experience of society than those under the age of thirty-five. Both society and the way we relate to one another have undergone enourmous changes.

There is a marked generation gap that has little to do with maturity and a great deal with how girls and boys were socialized and indoctrinated into society between 35 and 40 years ago versus how they are today or even twenty years back.

This isn't any sort of professional opinion, by the way, merely my observations and reactions.

Posted by: Azhrarn on December 22, 2005 10:26 PM
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