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The Daedalus Project is 2 Years Old

Took a 2 week vacation in Hong Kong (where I grew up) over the holidays. One thing that surprised me was that they sold MMORPGs at the 7-Elevens there. These are local MMORPGs + RO + Lineage 2. The local MMORPGs appeared to be much more simplistic than the ones we're used to (imagine Ragnarok Online but even simpler), but there were at least 7-8 of them on one shelf dedicated to MMORPG boxes + the game cards.

School just started again last week, and I'm TAing for the first time this quarter - a class on human representation in virtual reality. Wish me luck :)

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I've been in many guilds in Wow, some good, some bad, I've even had my run at guild leadership(and our member numbers, happiness and number of max lvl chars increased exponentially), and in all my time, I've found one problem and one problem alone in all aspects: maturity.
When playing with a fewmature players, everything goes smoothly, everything is fun, and guilds prosper. But at the entranceof immature idiots(who are in fact everywhere) groups get messed up, raids wipe, people result to insults and bans get passed around, sides get taken, and guilds get split up.
While there isn't really any sensible way to control maturity(as 95% of all revenue would be lost by companies if there was), there should really be some servers, games or whatevere that limit their player base to people who can behave.

Posted by: Icevein on April 18, 2006 12:53 PM
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