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In Their Own Words: The Social Component

A Helping Hand

Altruism is highly correlated with socializing and forming relationships. Perhaps this is because helping someone else is the easiest way to meet someone new in the game and strike up a conversation. The more ways in which players can and are encouraged to help each other, the easier it is for players to meet each other.

years back, when i was playing the Beta of Neocron and was one of the 5 best players on the server, i stood in an area where a lot of people met. At that point i had played for 54 Hours straight and was pretty much exhausted. All i did was 'poking' other people (helping them to insert there implants). So in other words i just helped some fellow players and my only reward for doing so was there thanks. But i found that experience to be very rewarding and did that again on several occasions. I would call that socializing just for the fun of it, not for any other measurable reward! [WoW, M, 28]

I am always helpful to new players when I have the time and help protect them when fighting or by making armour for them when I have that skill. Often I keep some of my old equipment around just so I can give it to a new player, and I don't accept money for it in return. Sometimes I will ask for resources they can easily gather, but mostly I just ask that when they outgrow the equipment to do the same and give it to another. Sometimes I have seen people I have helped many levels later and many remember me. Just hearing a 'Hey, you're the nice lady who helped me out as a newb. Thanks a lot.' is enough to make my day. My choice in guilds is along the same lines. I look for friends who are willing to help each other out where they can (with tradeskills, equipment, or hints and tips on how to do things). I don't care about uber equipment or fighting special mobs. I prefer a friendly guildchat where the people don't compare their equipment just like they compare cars in real life. [UO, F, 30]

I have many real life and Online friends, and they are my main reason for continuing to play the game. I enjoy helping others and having help. I enjoy talking about in game and real life happenings. I am still in contact with friends I made over a year ago. [FFXI, F, 23]

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