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WoW Character Class Demographics

Exploring the RL demographic and motivational differences in terms of character class selection has typically been difficult due to within-class variations among contemporary MMOs. For example, there is no easy way to classify character classes in Star Wars Galaxies or City of Heroes due to the extensive class combination possibilities. WoW, on the other hand, provides a clean class categorization. While there are still within-class variations, they are minimal compared with SWG/CoH variations.

From the survey data, there are significant age differences among players who prefer different character classes. Players who prefer Rogues and Shamans tend to be younger than players who prefer Warlocks and Hunters.

Female players are more likely to prefer Priests, Hunters, and Druids, while male players are more likely to prefer Rogues, Warriors, and Shamans.

An overview of the motivational difference is presented here. Only the motivations where an ANOVA showed significant differences among the character classes are listed. The detailed charts for each motivation follow. The motivational differences among the different character classes highlights an interesting potential effect of balancing classes. Given that classes do not appeal to players equally, nerfing or strengthening a class would have the effect of driving away or attracting players with different motivations.

Click here for an overview of the motivations framework.

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