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Play Spaces / Military Spaces

So, about 1 in 6 players you meet in an MMO has had military experience. Even though the occupational distribution of veterans is the same as non-veterans (and thus presumably, 1 in 6 people we meet in real life at our jobs has also had military experience), the frequency with which MMO players are in groups with a player with military experience is still interesting to think about. After all, we seldom work in 20/40-person groups in real life. It leads one to wonder how much influence these players have over the player community where high-end encounters almost necessitate military-style management and leadership techniques.

Some players note the sheer tactical brilliance of players who have had combat experience and the benefit of having them to lead raid encounters.

No, I am not, nor have I ever been, in the military. Many of my real-life friends and online friends are currently serving or have once been military members. I have discovered that game playstyles (especially any PvP aspect a game may have) is extremely influenced by the military background of players. My army friends love to play Planetside, and bombing runs with them are educational to say the least. While watching my one marine guildmate run a PvP Star Wars Galaxies raid was a stunning display of precision and tactics. For them, it is an aspect of life they have already been trained and prepared for. I find them to be excellent teachers on the subject of flanking manuevers, stealth tactics and frontal assaults. [WoW, F, 29]

I was in the Marine Corps for 3 years. I would say that at least 1/3 of my guild has been or currently in the military. I think that this probably gives us better organization when the guild leader/officers gives commands during a raid/pvp because people have been in the situation before and follow orders first and question them later. [WoW, M, 39]

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